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I am a student currently attending Shippensburg University, majoring in Software Engineering

I started Web Development in Vo-Tech, while in High School. This is when I found my love for website design, and eventually learned that I also enjoy doing the backend of the websites as well! I can't wait to keep learning more languages, and my next project is to learn React.

Latest Projects

Work Experience

Founder & Owner - CubicPvP (2013 - Present)

I started CubicPvP because I saw a server type that needed defined. My server set out to be the best, and it is and will always be the best Assassin's Creed based Minecraft server out there.

Intern - Versatile Systems Inc. (Summer 2014 - October 2014)

I started working at Versatile in the summer of 2014, just after my junior year. I worked in the warehouse, where I assembled Kiosks. Each kiosk needed to be serialized, and the wires had to be neatly organized. I was also in charge of the shipping, for the computer hardware that needed to be shipped.

Web Developer - Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue (2014 - Present)

I was contacted by an educational aid who worked at the Vo-Tech and who occasionally came into our class to assist students. She was talking to us about all of the different dogs in the dog shelter where she got her dog from, and we ended up looking at the dog shelter site. I looked at the site and it was attrocious. I instantly volunteered to remake their website. I set up their website with WordPress and made it easy for them to modify the data. Some tasks I had to perform later on included adding SSL organization level security to the site, and making the site more responsive by turning on content compression.

Intern - Geodecisions (Summer & Winter 2015-17)

Many of the projects above are related to my work at Geodecisions. My first project was ResourcePlanner, and then I moved on to other projects. When the parent company of Geodecisions, Gannett Fleming decided they wanted to accept and use ResourcePlanner company wide, I was moved to work on ResourcePlanner fulltime.

Peer Tutor - Shippensburg University Learning Center (Sophomore Semester - Current)

I wanted to be a peer tutor because I love to help people understand things that they just couldn't figure out in class. It started because I wanted to be a Tutor for Art Appreciation (because a lot of people struggle with the class). I also tutor many Computer Science, and Software Engineering classes, because helping to explain how coding works, and the logic of programming is extremely enjoyable.

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